Father’s Day Gifts That Relax and Inspire

Father’s Day is just around the corner on this 16 June, and it isn’t always easy to come up with something new and different for Dad. The traditional gifts of ties and mugs feel tiresome year after year, but at least they’re useful and practical. This year, why not get Dad a gift that is a little more unique, but still just as needed? Here are six Father’s Day gift ideas to help you think beyond the clothing accessories this Father’s Day:

Give Him the Gift of a Restful Sleep

Pillows aren’t something that most people think to buy for themselves, but a restful night’s sleep makes all the difference in the world when it comes to physical and mental wellness. Pillows can also easily collect dust mites, dander, and other allergens that make getting any kind of sleep feel impossible. A set of hypoallergenic pillows is a welcome Father’s Day surprise. Know your dad is picky when it comes to his pillows? Get him these hypoallergenic pillow covers instead.

Encourage Him to Try New Ways of Cooking

A Halogen oven lets you roast, bake, and more, all with less time and less fat. The  convection technology keeps meats flavourful on the inside and crispy on the outside. Halogen ovens are a favourite amongst many home cooks, especially across the pond in the States.

Get Him Exercising

This one’s a Father’s Day splurge, but well worth the purchase. He’ll be able to keep up his fitness routine (or start a new one) no matter the weather or how long his workday with a desk cycle. A personal favourite of my own, he can use this to get exercise even when he’s just scrolling through social media on his phone. This version is quiet and adjustable, with eight resistance levels for when he wants a bit of a challenge, too.

Give Him Something for His Tunes

Your dad likely has a stash of old vinyl records tucked away in his closet just waiting to be played. There’s been a huge resurgence in vinyl and even cassette tapes in recent years, likely thanks to our technology booming society looking for a slower pace with a touch of nostalgia. Even Aldi is getting in on the act, selling boomboxes and turntables in their stores for Father’s Day this year. Let your dad relive his childhood and enjoy the healing power of music with this best selling record player from 1 by One.

Let Him Relax with a Foot Spa

It’s another gift that he’ll never buy himself, but getting pops a foot spa this Father’s Day guarantees him the much needed opportunity to relax and recharge. These foot baths aren’t just relaxing, either. Foot spas also come with an array of health benefits, including increased circulation.

Write a Meaningful Card

Of course, at the end of the day, what your dad most wants is your words. These dog-themed greeting cards are so much fun and provide the perfect outlet for your Father’s Day thoughts. You can also appeal to his sense of humour with this Star Wars card featuring the classic Darth Vader line or this brilliantly British card, both listed on The Evening Standard’s list of this year’s best Father’s Day cards.

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Cotton Soles or Rubber Soles: What is the Best Choice for Tai Chi Slippers?

Choosing the right type of footwear for your tai chi classes can make all the difference in your comfort, support, and even in your ability to effectively perform the graceful, constantly flowing movements of tai chi. Some practitioners feel that any kind of shoe worn during tai chi is a “foot prison,” but it doesn’t have to be that way at all! You just have to find the shoe that is right for you as an individual.


Since mindfulness is such an essential component of tai chi, it’s important to keep in mind that many practitioners will also often eventually choose to practise the art outdoors, enhancing the experience with the beauty and peacefulness of nature. Proper tai chi slippers will help prevent injury when performing tai chi movements outdoors while still offering that much sought after grounding connection to the earth that is such a healing part of outdoor activity. The key is to pick footwear that is thin and light, but still durable and supportive for indoor and outdoor settings. Which brings us to one of the most frequently asked questions about tai chi shoes — should you wear cotton or rubber-soled shoes?

Tai Chi Slippers with Cotton Soles are Ideal for Indoor Use

Cotton soles are ideal for light, easy movement and usually designed primarily for indoor use. With a cotton-soled, canvas tai chi slipper, you don’t have to worry about your feet feeling restricted or imprisoned. Cotton is just the kind of shoe you want when you’re practising tai chi indoors, including at your indoor classes. These shoes by Ace Martial Arts supply, for instance, are particularly highly rated and enjoyed on Amazon. However, reviewers have noted that they seem to run small, so you may want to size up when purchasing them.

Tai Chi Slippers with Rubber Soles are Better for Outdoor Use

Rubber tai chi slippers, on the other hand, may be a better choice for those outdoor practices. While they should still hold up on hard surfaces, cotton-soled shoes can quickly become messy when doing tai chi moves in grassy areas or among the elements. Even on hard surfaces, shoes with cotton soles usually just aren’t designed to be used outside like rubber-soled slippers, which have a better grip and are typically made of more absorbent materials. If you plan on doing a lot of your tai chi outdoors, you may want to buy a pair of rubber-soled slippers, so that you don’t end up ruining your cotton shoes. Ace Martial Arts supply provides a great rubber-soled shoe that is a comfortable canvas and still designed for outdoor use, as well.


When it comes to choosing the right tai chi footwear, you may need to try out different brands and types of shoes to get a feel for what works for you. You’ll likely find that it’s worth it to have separate shoes for your indoor and outdoor classes, so as to keep your shoes in top shape.

Tai Chi in York

Tai Chi is one of the best exercises that you can do for your mind and body. You can enjoy tai chi on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in York with varied times and locations to meet your needs. Come beat stress and learn how to really relax with this ancient art form that is truly perfect for all ages and movement abilities.

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How to Stay Fit at Your 9-to-5 Office Job

A growing number of adults work in sedentary office jobs staring at computers. While there are a lot of perks to these positions, you might find yourself worrying about your health when you realize you spend around eight hours every day slouching in an office chair while you stare at a screen. Luckily a few simple changes can be implemented to greatly improve your health while you’re at work.

Take The Stairs

Improving your fitness at work can start before you even make it to your desk. It may be tempting to take the closest parking space to your office and even more so to take the elevator up to your floor, but try to resist. Walking from a further away spot won’t add much effort to your day but can add up to a lot more steps taken every week. You might dread taking the stairs but they’re a great source of cardio to get your day started that you’ll definitely see make a difference if you stick with it!

Exercise At Your Desk

Using a DeskCycle is a great way to keep active while you’re at work. The equipment is small enough to fit under your desk and is so quiet that it won’t disturb your office-mates. Using your DeskCycle isn’t necessarily meant to replace hitting the gym but the low impact workout is a great way to keep you from becoming sedentary at your desk without distracting you from your tasks. That said you can increase the resistance if you would like a more vigorous workout that won’t stress your joints. Many reviewers report better mental clarity while using the DeskCycle while they are on the job, meaning you’ll also be more productive while you work. It also works well at home so you can enjoy an evening of television with your family and still make use of your Desk Cycle.

Remember H2O

Getting a gentle workout while you work isn’t the only way to stay healthy in the office. Bring a refillable water bottle with you. The extra water is excellent for your health and can help reduce headaches and feelings of fatigue from staring at a computer screen all day. If you’re trying to watch your figure, drinking water can even help you cut down on snack cravings. Sometimes when we think we’re hungry, we’re really just thirsty! That said, be sure to have a healthy snack ready if you’re still feeling famished!

Get Up And Move Around

Find reasons to get up and walk around your office regularly instead of sitting uninterrupted for hours. This isn’t saying that you should put off your work, just that if you have a chance to get up, you should take it. Walk down the hallway to your supervisor’s office instead of just sending emails when you require clarification. Walking down the hall to the office kitchen to make a cup of tea is a great reason to get up and it’s also a great afternoon pick me up when you’re feeling sluggish.

Take The Office Perks!

Does your office have a gym? Take advantage of it on your lunch break, especially if you find yourself often eating at your desk before your actual break time. This doesn’t have to be a high intensity workout: you could try listening to your favorite podcast or a fun playlist while you walk on the treadmill to keep you moving while you relax your mind. If you want to change into your workout wear, a more intense workout is excellent for clearing your head if you had a stressful day. Don’t forget to stretch and take care of your muscles.

Get Connected

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Can Salt Lamps Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety is a common, debilitating mental health condition that may affect as many as one in ten adults in Great Britain at some point throughout their lives. Characterised by a variety of physical and emotional symptoms, including a fast heartbeat, hyperventilation, tingling sensations, feelings of doom, and intense fear or worry, people who experience anxiety try many different methods to help control their symptoms and promote a feeling of calm throughout their bodies.

If you think that you might be experiencing anxiety, seeking professional help is the first step toward healing. Therapies like NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy, and others can help retrain your brain to think in a different way. You’ll also benefit from exercise, such as walking or cycling, and spending time outdoors. Meditation, tai chi, yoga, and other mind-body activities have been shown to have a powerful impact on mental health, too. You might even find benefit from certain plants, teas, and essential oils, such as camomile or lavender.

After speaking with your GP or mental health care professional, take the time to research and explore what could make a difference for your anxiety along with your health care provider’s suggestions. While every person is different, one extra thing that many people have found particularly soothing to have in their homes is a Himalayan salt lamp.

How Do Salt Lamps Help Anxiety?

Himalayan salt lamps have been said to help with everything from allergies and asthma to mental health conditions like anxiety. These salt lamps help pull moisture and positive ions — produced from things like pollution and mould, they aren’t really as positive as they sound — out of the air by releasing negative ions. Negative ions are readily available in nature, from mountain tops to oceans, and they purify the air. There is research to show that they might help increase serotonin in the brain, promoting that  feeling of calm within the body. Negative ions keep us feeling healthy.

Of course, Himalayan salt lamps don’t only help anxiety through the release of negative ions. These lamps are also, quite simply, beautiful to see and experience. Their warm, amber glow helps create an ambiance that encourages a state of relaxation. You can curl up next to your salt lamp after an at-home spa day or tai chi session. They are also great mindfulness tools, as you can focus your mind on the orange hue when meditating. They are also reminiscent of nature, which is naturally soothing to us as human beings. You may not be able to travel to a salt cave, but you can place a salt lamp at your bedside. Himalayan salt lamps soothe in more ways than one.

Choosing Your Salt Lamp

When it comes to selecting a salt lamp to help you on your journey to wellness, you’ll want to make sure that your lamp is genuine. Sadly, due to the popularity of these lamps, there are many imitations. A true, authentic Himalayan salt lamp is made of salt, not plastic or another material, and these lamps are fragile. They are extremely easy to chip, because they are made of pure salt. They also give off a light that is soft and gentle, not bright and harsh like other lamps on the market. And, since they draw moisture from the air, real Himalayan salt lamps are known to “sweat,” or become damp during use, particularly when the air is warm.

This authentic Himalayan salt lamp from Levoit is highly reviewed, has a 2-year warranty in case your lamp chips, and is from Pakistan, the origin of most of the authentic Himalayan salt lamps. This is a wonderful lamp that you can feel confident adding to your home in hopes of helping to clear your air and your mind.

Alleviating Anxiety as Naturally as Possible

Have you tried a Himalayan salt lamp for your anxiety? Do you have other tips for anxiety relief? Share your experiences in the comments below, or follow me on Facebook for more natural ideas to help combat anxiety.