Father’s Day Gifts That Relax and Inspire

Father’s Day is just around the corner on this 16 June, and it isn’t always easy to come up with something new and different for Dad. The traditional gifts of ties and mugs feel tiresome year after year, but at least they’re useful and practical. This year, why not get Dad a gift that is a little more unique, but still just as needed? Here are six Father’s Day gift ideas to help you think beyond the clothing accessories this Father’s Day:

Give Him the Gift of a Restful Sleep

Pillows aren’t something that most people think to buy for themselves, but a restful night’s sleep makes all the difference in the world when it comes to physical and mental wellness. Pillows can also easily collect dust mites, dander, and other allergens that make getting any kind of sleep feel impossible. A set of hypoallergenic pillows is a welcome Father’s Day surprise. Know your dad is picky when it comes to his pillows? Get him these hypoallergenic pillow covers instead.

Encourage Him to Try New Ways of Cooking

A Halogen oven lets you roast, bake, and more, all with less time and less fat. The  convection technology keeps meats flavourful on the inside and crispy on the outside. Halogen ovens are a favourite amongst many home cooks, especially across the pond in the States.

Get Him Exercising

This one’s a Father’s Day splurge, but well worth the purchase. He’ll be able to keep up his fitness routine (or start a new one) no matter the weather or how long his workday with a desk cycle. A personal favourite of my own, he can use this to get exercise even when he’s just scrolling through social media on his phone. This version is quiet and adjustable, with eight resistance levels for when he wants a bit of a challenge, too.

Give Him Something for His Tunes

Your dad likely has a stash of old vinyl records tucked away in his closet just waiting to be played. There’s been a huge resurgence in vinyl and even cassette tapes in recent years, likely thanks to our technology booming society looking for a slower pace with a touch of nostalgia. Even Aldi is getting in on the act, selling boomboxes and turntables in their stores for Father’s Day this year. Let your dad relive his childhood and enjoy the healing power of music with this best selling record player from 1 by One.

Let Him Relax with a Foot Spa

It’s another gift that he’ll never buy himself, but getting pops a foot spa this Father’s Day guarantees him the much needed opportunity to relax and recharge. These foot baths aren’t just relaxing, either. Foot spas also come with an array of health benefits, including increased circulation.

Write a Meaningful Card

Of course, at the end of the day, what your dad most wants is your words. These dog-themed greeting cards are so much fun and provide the perfect outlet for your Father’s Day thoughts. You can also appeal to his sense of humour with this Star Wars card featuring the classic Darth Vader line or this brilliantly British card, both listed on The Evening Standard’s list of this year’s best Father’s Day cards.

What are you planning to gift your dad for Father’s Day? Did any of these ideas spark your interest? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments below. Don’t forget to sign-up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks for better wellness and a happier you.

3 Thoughtful Gifts to Get Your Sweetheart For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, but as sweet as a holiday surrounding love sounds, it can be easy to feel a little cynical about the day. Too often, sweethearts celebrating Valentine’s Day seem to simply go through the motions. Buying a gift feels like more of an obligation, and sometimes it can be more of an “easy” gift than a heartfelt one.

Your loved one might not be able to cherish a box of chocolates or store-bought flowers for years to come or get a sense of how you feel about them from that, but it is possible to make sincerity a Valentine’s Day trend again. Consider how you feel about them and what would make them happy. Then consider some of these thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts.

Something Relevant to Their Interests

One way to break out of the Valentine’s Day cliches is to consider your sweetheart themselves. What do they like? What hobbies and passions do they have? You don’t just want to buy a Valentine’s Day gift that you could give to just anyone. You want to buy something that’s personal to them. For instance, maybe if they love to do tai chi, you can get them a pair of tai chi slippers. For food enthusiasts interested in eating healthy, a halogen oven could be the right choice. Listen to your loved one talk about the things they enjoy throughout the year and take notes. You never know what you might need for gift inspiration.

Something That Invites Them to Relax

Another way to be thoughtful with your Valentine’s Day gifts this year is to cater to your loved one’s relaxation. After all, everyone needs a break sometimes, and you know better than most how much your loved one has earned it. Consider enabling them to have their own spa day at home with Arnica massage oil from Weleda. Do they have to walk frequently or have problems with pain in their feet? Offer them a chance to relax with a foot spa. This will help your significant other feel validated in the hard work they do throughout the year and cared about.

A Play On a Classic

Roses or flower bouquets are a popular romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but they only last for a few days. Instead, consider something similar but a little longer lasting. Consider a pot of gerbera daisies or jasmine. Not only are these flowers lovely, but studies have shown that they and other plants can help you to sleep better at night. This isn’t limited to flowers. If your sweetheart has a fondness for succulents or herbs, they might appreciate that more than a bouquet of roses, anyway. This is the kind of gift that will live on with a little care, and could be a fun activity to enjoy with your loved one.

Are you tired of the conventional Valentine’s Day gifts? Or does this list inspire you to give more creative Valentine’s Day gifts this year? Let’s discuss these and other thoughtful gifts on Facebook.