Give the Gift of a Spa Day With Weleda Massage Oil

A spa day is a great way to take a day or even just an afternoon to focus on your well being and your overall health. An evening of relaxation and focus on your own needs can turn a rough week of feeling run down around. Unfortunately, financially a day at the spa isn’t always an option; luckily, you can bring the spa home to you or a loved one who needs some pampering and to focus on their health. A gift of a do it yourself spa day is a great way to show someone you love that you care about their well being- and it’s great to do for yourself when you need a pick me up.

Set the Stage for Pampering

Whether you’re preparing your spa day for yourself or preparing a day for someone else, set the stage for a relaxing evening. This is the time to bring out your softest towels, fresh from the dryer and your fluffiest robe. A large jug of cold water infused with lemon and mint is a great way to refresh yourself while you soak and pamper yourself. Make sure your space is tidy so you can relax while you soak and aren’t worrying about whether you need to put the hamper full of laundry into the washing machine. Light a gently scented candle and relax for the evening.

Use Simple Products

The products you use for your spa day don’t have to be expensive!  A lot of them can be things you already have in your home. Simple epsom salts are excellent for a restorative bath that can help reduce swelling in your body. This can be an inexpensive option compared to premade bath bombs you can get in the store. Hair masks are a great choice if your hair is damaged by heat tools or rough conditions. Olive or coconut oil can make great hair masks that can improve the long term health of your hair. Even if you can’t afford a salon manicure and pedicure, you can splurge on a new bottle of nail polish. Make sure you don’t cut or file your nails while they’re wet from a soak in the tub as they are much softer and likely to be damaged when wet.

Weleda Massage Oil

Weleda’s Arnica Massage Oil is an excellent product to improve your home spa day or your gift of a spa day to one of your loved ones. The Arnica Massage oil is free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colored dyes and are never tested on animals. This sunflower seed based oil is great for being massaged into your muscles before or after exercise or it can function as the perfect ending to your home spa day. This will help soothe your muscles and can help moisturize your skin after a bath. The oil has no strong scent so it won’t interfere with the scents in your bath products. This provides a great finish to your spa day.

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The Benefits of Weleda Arnica Massage Oil

As a Tai Chi instructor, I can’t stress enough the importance of physical activity to enrich your body and mind. However, when deciding to undertake an activity, the mantra that I tell all of my students to remember is the seemingly simple, “If it hurts, don’t do it!”

Exercise is meant to be mindfully enjoyed, not dreaded, and there are a variety of steps that you can take to feel more comfortable before and after physical activity.

Researching your activity, allowing yourself the proper time to warm up, and listening to your body are all ways to care for yourself and make your exercise regime one that you won’t want to quit 4 days later.

Have You Tried Massage Oil?

Another option that may surprise you is massage oil. Weleda Arnica Massage Oil may be just the tool you need to reduce soreness and promote relaxation before or after physical activity, or even just at the end of a stressful day. This oil contains plant oils, including sunflower and olive oil, mixed with the popularly medicinal arnica flower.

Arnica flowers are beautiful yellow flowers, related to sunflowers, that have traditionally been used for everything from pain relief to vision problems, including vision problems that occur post-stroke. This makes arnica a powerful flower that can potentially help alleviate complications from serious conditions. These special flowers have even been used to reduce bruising and help with the pain of arthritis. Weleda’s arnica oil combines these flowers with healthy plant oils to create a massage oil that is healing, soothing, and marvellously reinvigorating.  

Mindfulness and Physical Activity

Exercise is often thought of as a completely physical activity, but this of course isn’t at all true. Physical activity can help reduce stress and improve mental health, giving you the overall full body wellness that you deserve. While any exercise will provide these benefits, there are certain exercises that seem more geared toward accomplishing both than others, simply by the very nature of the activity. Tai Chi, swimming, and walking are just a few examples of activities that encourage participants to slow down and focus on their bodies and their environments.

As the fitness magazines make clear, physical activity is so often viewed as something that should be taken to extremes. We’re told to run as fast as we can, for instance, and for as long as we can, without regard for how our minds and bodies are feeling. When performing any kind of activity, use it as an opportunity to also train your mind. Notice your breath and be present in the moment. Try to clear your mind, letting thoughts come and go as you focus on your exercise routine. My soon-to-be-released book will go into greater detail on mindfulness, but taking these steps now will allow you to be at peace in mind and body, giving you the maximum benefit from your workout routine.

Massage Oil: Beyond Pain Relief

Weleda’s Arnica Massage Oil isn’t simply healing. It’s also another way to relax and  practise mindfulness. You’ll first want to warm the oil by placing a few drops into your hands and gently rubbing them together. Then, you’ll want to carefully massage the oil into the muscles impacted by your workout, or the parts of your body most impacted by workday (or general life) tension. Really pay attention as you massage, allowing your mind to breathe in the arnica, and using this as an opportunity to practise mindfulness. Note the feeling of the oil on your fingers, guiding yourself to be present in this moment.

Have you tried a massage oil like Weleda’s arnica oil as part of your exercise plan? How do you practise mindfulness during physical activity? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook for tips, tricks, and updates on my upcoming book.